Red Stripe bottles

    Environmental Policy

    Red Stripe, a manufacturer and distributor of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, ready to drink products and spirits is an environmentally responsible company that operates in a way that protects and enhances our people, brands and the communities in which we work and live. We are committed to supporting environmental sustainability and biodiversity. We will comply with all applicable legal and other requirements to ensure continual improvement and prevention of pollution.

    This will be achieved by meeting standards of performance on those key aspects of our operations that have environmental impacts. Since 2010 HEINEKEN has championed the “Brewing a Better World” global programme designed to improve the environmental impact of brands and business, empower the people we work with and the local societies where we operate and impact positively the role of beer in society.

    Management at every level and all employees are responsible and accountable for taking actions to preserve the environment. We will encourage our business partners, suppliers and contractors to adopt a similar approach and review our policy annually to ensure its continuing suitability.

    Key focus areas:

    Energy and Carbon Emissions We aim to decrease the environmental impact of energy consumption and associated emissions by taking energy conservation measures. Red Stripe strives for continuous improvement by setting annual energy efficiency targets, and by planning actions in order to achieve these targets.

    Water We will strive to reduce our water use by setting water usage targets and plan actions to achieve these targets.

    Sustainable Sourcing Project Grow is a part of Red Stripe’s sustainability strategy to adopt the increased usage of local raw material particularly cassava in its brewed products.

    Waste. Waste to landfill shall be minimized using the hierarchy of actions: omit, reduce, reuse, recycle and disposal in the most environmentally responsible manner commercially available. Targets for reducing waste to landfill shall be set.

    Effluent. As a result of our operations we discharge waste water in compliance with prevailing regulations.